St. John the Baptist Catholic School

St. John the Baptist Catholic School is now accredited through June 30, 2025! Celebrate this achievement. New to town? Call the School for a 'Shadow Day' for your child. Blessings!


St. John's Scrip:

Scrip is an opportunity for families, friends, parishioners and alumni to support St. John the Baptist Catholic school without having to spend extra money. All current families are required to contribute $250 of scrip revenue to the school each year. 
SCRIP is 100% electronic!   Special orders for scrip cards will be accepted, but the shipping cost will be added to your total.  See scrip special order form below.
To help you fulfil your $250 SCRIP obligation, we have partnered with Benefit Mobile. Benefit Mobile is a free iPhone or Android phone app that can be used to pay for your everyday purchases such as groceries, clothes, home goods, and more. You can pay on site at the store or online. A portion of your purchase goes directly back to our school. Retailers include Home Depot, Amazon, Target, Starbucks, (Safeway coming soon), and many more!  Download the app and add St. John the Baptist Catholic School - Napa  as your beneficiary to start earning. Find more information in the app or at Feel free to forward this website to family and friends. The more people you get to participate, the more funds you will earn. 
How to participate:
  1. Download the Benefit app for iPhone or Android.
  2. Sign up and follow the prompts.
  3. Find St. John's Catholic School - Napa by typing St. John's Catholic School - Napa into the search field.
You can still earn electronic SCRIP with eScrip and Great Lakes Shop With Scrip:    
  • eScrip:  Click HERE to sign-up for eScrip's new Lucky Grocery Store SHARES Program.  As you have heard, Safeway is no longer partnering with eScrip. Lucky has now joined eScrip and will work similar to the way Safeway used to work. Search for our school using: St. John's Catholic School - Napa
  • Shop With Scrip:  Another easy way to support St. John's and fulfill your Scrip requirement is to use the "Scrip Now" feature of Great Lakes Shop With Scrip. Just pay and print! HUGE selection!  Our enrollment code is 6AC3F4D78982.