St. John the Baptist Catholic School


Have you met our librarian, Mrs. Oberting?  She and her family have been members of St. John the Baptist since they moved to CA in 1998.  She is married to Deacon Joe Oberting.  Mrs. Oberting attends classes with him and is also very involved in the church.  She is a member of St. John’s Women’s Guild, St. John’s YLI (Young Ladies Institute) and Caring Friends.  She is also St. John’s representative to Church Women United which runs a free clothing center.  You can also find Mrs. Oberting at First Presbyterian, playing handbells, or attending bible study, delivering “brown bags,” or feeding animals at Connolly Ranch.  She will be in the Library Wednesday - Friday and would love to meet you. 
We have so many great books in our library!  But did you know we also have great resources for adults? Are you going on vacation or want to learn more about your faith?  Come to the Library!   I’m dedicating a new shelf to books on Parenting, Catholicism, and Christianity.  Any parent or adult in the parish can obtain a library number and check out books.  Maybe you’ll find a favorite from our library to read to your child/ren.
If you have a favorite book that you would like to read to a class, please call me and we can try to schedule it.  If you have books to donate, please drop them off if in good condition. I’m also playing simple card games with the kids at lunch time, and sometimes dominoes.  Do you play chess?  Do you have a sturdy chessboard you’d be willing to donate?  How about a championship between students and adults?  For that matter, how about a spelling bee or a math challenge?  I’d like to make the library a FUN place (because books ARE fun) and an enriching experience for our students. Our library is a privilege!
The Library is a place to learn and feel good about yourself!  With books around, you’ll never be bored, and with Jesus in your heart, you’ll never be lonely.  Your student/s will love to read over time.  Mine started out slowly but now love books (well, two out of three!).  Persevere and show your love for reading!