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Shepherd Family Program

What is a Shepherd Family?
A Shepherd Family is a currently enrolled family here at St. John the Baptist Catholic School here in Napa.

How does the Shepherd Family program work?
As a Shepherd Family you will serve as a school contact family for new families in their first year here a St John the Baptist School. You will reach out to contact your “flock” families through email and the telephone to introduce yourselves and welcome them to the SJB school family. After your initial contact you may setup which ever lines of communication that your “Flock” family is most comfortable with. It would be a great idea to meet with your “Flock” family in person at the earliest convenience for you both, preferably before or at the beginning of the school year.

What does a Shepherd Family do?
The main objective of the Shepherd Family Program is to give all of our new families a contact person/family to help them to adjust the their new school, to make them feel welcome and to give them a resource to help answer any questions that may arise in their transition to Catholic school life. To send reminders of upcoming events, or offer assistance in helping your “flock” families to become more involved in the School.

What are my duties as a Shepherd Family?
Duties include but are not limited to; pre-start contact, being available for questions / guidance, school reminders like; half days, free dress, in service days, uniform regulations, mass days, meeting reminders, service hours opportunities.

How do I become a Shepherd Family?
Contact either Miguel Kenning, , or Erika Macias, (

What are the qualifications for becoming a Shepherd Family?
Just have a willingness to help and a little bit of time to contact and/or call your ‘flock’ families. As a Shepherd Family you will earn service hours for the time that you spend contacting, working with and meeting with your “Flock” families.

What if I am more comfortable with Spanish than English?
No Problem. We have Spanish speaking families, English speaking families and of course bilingual families.