St. John the Baptist Catholic School

St. John the Baptist Catholic School is now accredited through June 30, 2025! Celebrate this achievement. New to town? Call the School for a 'Shadow Day' for your child. Blessings!
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At St. John’s we understand the importance of fostering creative thinking skills which help our children solve real-life problems. Music Education is part of the academic curriculum, where students have the opportunity to work together creatively or individually, exploring their own unique talents and gifts. Because we educate the whole child and believe nurturing our students’ creativity is part of their complete development, students receive music instruction as part of the class day once a week. We also offer several music education opportunities beyond academic instruction. Children who participate in choir learn different genres of music and take part in various concert experiences. There are cantering and orchestra opportunities for those students interested in performing during our weekly Masses. We also have an Advent Program and several other important musical performances throughout the year.