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Extended Care

Extended Care:

Extended Care Coordinator
707-224-8388 ext 121 - Mobile for Extended Care 707-501-8204

Extended care is available for any family before and after school.  Each school day, extended care operates from 7am-8am.  Each afternoon, extended care is offered from 3:15pm to 6pm and from 12:45pm to 6pm on half-days.  Please contact Teresa Garcia for registration information:
Sample Schedule
Monday through Thursday:
7am to 7:50am - Extended Care Room
7:50am - Playground
3pm to 3:45pm - Extended Care Room - quiet activities
3:45 to 4pm - Snack
4pm to 5pm - Playground - physical outdoor activity
5pm to 6pm - Extended Care Room - Free Time Activities/Educational video

3:15 to 4:30pm - Little Yard across the street
4:45 to 6pm - Extended Care Room- Free Time Activities/Educational video

Wednesdays 1/2 Day:
12:30pm to 1pm - Lunch outside on playground red picnic tables
1pm to 2:30pm - Extended Care Room/Computer Lab
2:30 to 4:15pm - Playground outdoor activity/Little Yard
4:15pm to 6pm- Extended Care Room Free Time Activity/Homework
*Spring schedule will be similar although we might be outdoors longer due to the beautiful weather.

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Following are a few reminders of school policies:
Please, no cell phones during Extended Day Care (if a child needs to call a parent or another adult they must ask permission to use a phone).
  • Please, no electronic toys at Extended Day Care. The reasons are many: we cannot be responsible for the loss or breakage of these toys, due to the sometimes large number of students attending Extended Day Care we cannot always monitor the games they are playing (or that younger children might "watch"), and children often do not want to share a toy from home, which can create hurt feelings.
  • Please, no electronic listening or viewing devices, due to similar reasons as stated above.Please, no toys from home. As with electronic toys, small plastic toys from home create "sharing" problems and if your child's beloved toy manages to make it into the hands of another child it can get broken or lost.
  • These policies are consistent with our Parent/Student School Handbook. In fact Extended Day Care is an extension of school and the same rules from the school handbook will apply to the Extended Day Care Program. We do try very hard to provide a wide range of fun and engaging activities both indoors and outdoors that are appropriate for a school environment and for the wide range of ages of the children who attend extended care.
- Children DO need a healthy afterschool snack, time will be provided after Homework Club (3:45 PM) for all students to eat their snack.- On half day Wednesdays please remember both a lunch AND a snack if your child is planning to stay until after 3:00pm.
- We tend to play outside as weather permits during extended care and because of this your child's uniform may get soiled. If your child would like to wear "play clothes" during Extended Day Care, they may. Please keep in mind that the same rules as Free Dress Days apply.
Thank you for your trust in supervising your children. Please feel free to contact with any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions you have for the Extended Day Care program or your child's particular needs.